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Transforming education and individuals through leadership, equity, and change

Hi, I'm Stephanie

I am a nationally recognized Consultant, Educator, Practitioner Scholar, and Coach in the fields of literacy development for students with disabilities and women’s leadership development.

"I  have always been passionate about teaching and learning"

I played school as a young child with my brothers as students. My own school experiences made me aware of the learning needs of others and how individuals with disabilities are not always provided access to appropriate instruction. 

The power of reading was always important to me- it started with my reading Anastasia Krupnick by Lois Lowry in 1982. Being lost in a good book and enjoying it always stuck with me.

Little did I know that book would be a catalyst for so much in my career and put me on the path to teaching. Years later I had the honor of presenting Lois Lowry with an honorary Doctorate from Lesley University. This was a full circle moment where I was able to share why that book meant so much to me and have her sign a copy for my own children.

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Listen to Stephanie talk about  Literacy Instructional Planning in the IEP on the Lomah Podcast

About Me

I teach courses in assessment, instructional methods for reading and writing, technology integration, and literacy instruction for children with disabilities. 

I am an Associate Professor of Special Education, Language and Literacy, the Department Chair for Teaching and Learning and Director of the Teacher Residencies in the Graduate School of Education at Lesley University. 

I have worked with teachers on literacy and assessment in schools in New England and across the country.   


Before entering higher education I taught in schools in Massachusetts and North Carolina. I received a B.S. in Middle School and Special Education from Lesley University and a M.Ed. and Ph.D. in Special Education and Literacy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


I am a founding member and co-facilitator of Leadership Enrichment And Development, a feminist self-mentoring leadership development group for women faculty at Lesley University.

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Stephanie has been my “go to” person on literacy for more than a decade.  Her expertise in literacy is matched by her ability to communicate effectively with educators and teams. Stephanie translates years of literacy research into everyday language in a way that few experts can do. She is skillful at keeping things practical and practice oriented. If you’ve worked with Stephanie, you’ve become a better teacher – whether or not you realized it was happening!



At a time when I was stuck with a basal in a low performing school, Stephanie came in and transformed our way of thinking about reading instruction and interventions.  She gave focus to our intervention groups and guided us through data to make decisions that best suited the needs of the child.  Stephanie gave critical feedback to staff in a thoughtful, positive, and meaningful manner.  Many years later, I still find myself reflecting on the work we did together and using her suggestions and strategies to engage and motivate my students.

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