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Life Coaching
“Feminism is not about making women stronger but helping society see how strong we actually are.”

I decided to expand on my own personal journey examining how life-coaching could support me to reach my own personal goals. Life coaching is not psychological treatment, although can have a therapeutic impact. It is about understanding life circumstances, choices, and the brain response to situations we are faced with to make new decisions and pathways for ourselves and the life we want to lead.

My passion for helping women in their own personal development journey comes from my experiences as a women, educator, professional, academic, and single-mother. So many have helped me on my journey in life helping me find solutions along the way to the problems that I faced.



We as women are socialized in such ways that the barriers to our own success prevent us from advocating for ourselves, taking on challenges, saying NO, negotiating, and finding work-life balance - plus appreciating the women that we are right now at this very  moment!  I work with women to utilize resources to strategically prioritize the components of their lives to work towards their financial, career, and personal goals.

I use a variety of strategies including life-mapping, guided meditation, cognitive strategies, goal-setting, thought ladders, and regular check-ins with accountability to support individuals in achieving their short and long term goals.

IMG_8927 2.HEIC
Do you want to feel empowered by your own life?
Work with me to harness your own power in order to:
  • Love the life you have and will grow to have

  • Make plans to take charge of your career and grow in ways that are meaningful to you

  • Love the life you have and enjoy every minute of it

  • Focus on what you think matters in your life and stop worrying about what others think

  • Ignore the guilt that we feel as women and working mothers that we aren’t doing
    enough/are enough/good enough in all arenas of our lives

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